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DISCLAIMER: Any tablateur on this page will not reflect the playing style or technique of Michael Turner and shall be used only for study or research purposes.

TAB: Come To Me
TAB: Don't Stop the Music
TAB: Rage (-- Hey Dennis! Where's the tab you promised me, man?)


The entire first installment of the Battery desktop theme is a little over 3MB so I decided to slice it into pieces to facilitate both my uploading to the Tripod server and user downloading.

The theme is made up of the following: a) static and animated cursors, (b) sound events (*.wav), (c) a wallpaper, (d) theme identifier ... hey, why don't you just download the files and see for yourself. Enjoy!

Desktop Theme #1 a
Desktop Theme #1 b
Desktop Theme #1 c
Desktop Theme #1 d
Desktop Theme #1 e
Desktop Theme #1 f
Desktop Theme #1 g


Got a cool wallpaper on Battery? Submit them to the Webmaster.